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Unit price samples for various ingredients

This contains a fresh list of unit prices for products in real retail sale. The unit prices reflect the prices in the northern Europe and may not thus match the price in your region. Always the cheapest alternative is taken. Usually there's a lot larger amount of more expensive products.

The ingredients may be sorted according to name or its unit price, in ascending / descending order. The currency may be selected as well.

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Unit Prices

Some ingredients are far more expensive than the others. Thus, always consider substituting more expensive ingredients with cheaper alternatives. It isn't always clear whether the wanted ingredient is really the cheapest. For example, a banana has a skin that is usually dismissed, and smaller bananas may have relatively more skin than the larger ones. Same may be found in beans, ketchup and others: how much water is added into the can or box. Some rye breads may have sugar added as its cheaper than the rye flour. In other words, we have truly a complex system work with.

Ingredient costs

Geographical location, country GDP and several other factors influence the end price seen by the customers. However, the cheaper your product, the greater the demand. It's just that simple. Still, these versatile parameters should be well considered in order to succeed. Think twice whether your local materials compete well - at least you have a chance getting them fresh.

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