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Price estimates

The actual price may vary due to several reasons: the infomation may be outdated, erroneous, may be country-specific, doesn't account all the details and hidden costs etc. One might even burn the baked goods accidentally, resulting in monetary losses. The prices are estimates only. Always check the math and cost structures prior to making any investments or alternatively, consult the experts on how to verify the cost structures.

Always pay attention to the temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius). Also the currency selection may alter the final price.

Cost per weight

If you order the recipes by cost per weight, different currencies appear as they were entered initially in the recipe. You can change the currency with th Kg / Lb / Oz switches. Kg gives euros, while Lb and Oz yield dollar valuations.

Total cost

If you decide to sell your product, the total cost may be helpful in determining your ask price. has a focus on the material costs, eg. the cost of the ingredients. There are also other costs involved, such as electricity, gasoline (if items are bought from the store), work etc. lets you decide and handle such costs.

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