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Air purification with negative ions

How is air purification related to baking business? Well, your bakery will run with less costs related to sicknesses. Any business may benefit from proper air purification, including bakeries.

Negative ions attach to positively charged ones, such as viruses and other tiny particles. The viruses are then no longer effective, they simply 'die'. You could think of the process as missiles that find the target aircraft every time. The viruses become ineffective right in the air wherever they are.

Negative ions may be found from the nature: near waterfalls, beaches and so on. They're not harmful to humans, but instead, they're beneficial. On the other hand, positive ions aren't.

One of the questions asked today is: do negative ions kill the coronavirus? Before we go into details, let's take an example from Sweden. As many of you may already know it, US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued a warning letter to the swedish company Lightair AB. The warning was justified, as there's no direct research that could claim or support the fact that the products of Lightair AB would work similarly on COVID-19 as they do on other viruses. On friday the 17th of April 2020, Lightair had fixed their web page regarding the warning. Well, there's much beyond this.

Why would the FTC suddenly target the Swedish Lightair AB? There's tens if not hundreds of air purification products and manufacturers out there, from which many might have similar half-deceptive claims. For you see, Lightair AB is probably the only viable candidate as it has the real research behind the business, done with the 7 year study by the Karolinska Institute and the Finnish VTT. No other company could come with such evidence and proof of concept overnight.

If somebody wanted to buy the whole company, Lightair AB, and it had half-deceptive or unsubstantiated marketing claims on their web page, would it cause tensions and objections in the opponents of such a deal? Let's put it straight, if the Trump administration bought a company that had a minor marketing issue at their web page, wouldn't the Democrats say it's all fraud and deception?

By issuing a warning, the company becomes more trustful without having any statements that may be thought to be deceptive. The potential 'deal' becomes closer as the opponents have no arguments against it. All the facts are backed by sufficient research. Well, the share price might have been a target as well. Modern shareholders find such negative news and sell the stock. That happened. You want to buy for less.

It works also the opposite way. Trump administration can block all other manufacturers without proper research behind the products. What has been 'unsubstantiated' will become substantiated soon. Lightair AB ionizer is being tested against the coronavirus right now. Will it work as it did on influenza and other viruses? I'm sure it will. Time is running out of the potential 'deal' within weeks or months at best. Let's go back to the negative ions.

Negative ions, side-effects and potential health issues

It's true that some or most devices create dangerous byproducts such as ozone and might even be radioactive. Therefore, it's a very dangerous and risky business to buy a product that has no research nor emissions measured by trusted third parties. Perhaps issuing negative ions is simple, but to engineer the complete process is another thing. Thus, the third-party certification processes become very valuable.

We can read from EPA that:

"Breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems including chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and airway inflammation. It also can reduce lung function and harm lung tissue."

Perhaps all devices generating negative ions emit ozone, but the level varies. Some emit more than the others. There are certain levels associated with ozone. If the level becomes above what's considered harmful, it's simply harmful to you. Then the air purification effect may become opposite: being more dangerous than useful.

Coronavirus and negative ions

If the negative ions kill influenza and some other viruses as well, as can be read from here, why wouldn't they kill coronavirus as well? Let's check a few facts.

Recent research (April 16, 2020) suggests:

Our results indicate that aerosol and fomite transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is plausible, since the virus can remain viable and infectious in aerosols for hours and on surfaces up to days (depending on the inoculum shed).

Most of us might be aware that the coronavirus is spread via the air, in aerosol form, being thus airborne. The study above was released April 16, 2020. It quite well also reflects the FTC warning date to Lightair AB.

It's thus clear that COVID-19 is airborne. The fact follows that negative ions may then also be used to kill the virus. Is it effective against the coronavirus? The best guess is, of course it is, as it is effective to all other viruses as well, why would COVID-19 be an exception?

I personally tend to believe FTC / US government is researching the negative ions against the coronavirus at the moment. Such a solution would be ideal to the US economy as it would calm down the panic associated with public places.

The future of negative ions air purification market

The lockdowns around the world due to coronavirus are causing the virus to stay longer than it would've otherwise. This has the effect that the fear will be here longer than we could think.

Market experts, such as Martin Armstong, are arguing people will be avoiding public places such as restaurants etc. for quite a while. At the same time, US economy is 70% service, being hit hard.

Air purification market will thus rise fast: if there's 2 restaurants next to each other and the other advertises virus-free air with ionizers, which one would you choose from? I think the virus-free air becomes a more attractive alternative. Even if the virus-killing coverage isn't perfect.

Market potential of air purification

The potential of air ionization is huge. Every public place that has air ionization installed, will benefit from it. However, tradiotional air purification with filters etc may actually alter the designed air ventilation system. Thus, there's a danger the ventilation no longer works as designed. This is a danger to the building itself, it may start molding without proper ventilation.

In the US, there's 35,616 coffee shops (2018). There's also more than 10,000 McDonalds out there. Add to the list other restaurants, schools, public places and such - the list is huge. We're talking of a multi-billion dollar business.

Lightair AB potential

Lightair AB market cap is about $10 million. But the company is poor at advertising its mighty products. At the same time, the market potential has grown beyond any measures. It makes sense someone to buy the company, and invest a lot in the production lines and R&D - money which the Lightair AB itself doesn't have at the moment. If $10 million market cap reflects a share price around 4-5 SEK, don't sell the company for less than 5-10 times the amount. That would reflect a share price range of 20-40 SEK.

lightair share price
Lightair AB has true potential (17.4.2020)

For example, the validator finds many errors for the page Similarly, the site: SEO checker finds way too many issues and critical errors. If the company sells products on the internet and the advertising is this poor, how could it ever be a big player?

We propose to advertise the products in a separate domain for free. I think the Lightair AB products are great, the technology is the most advanced and backed up by trustful third party research. Our proposal: We'll set up a separate domain which is 100% SEO optimized, and has no http validator errors, and is fast so that it will score great on Google search. The site would then point to Lightair home page. All this effort for free of charge. Of course we own shares of Lightair, which is why we would do it for free. We cannot do it without proper authorization. Find our email address below: (no gmail, it's

BC address

Final thoughts

We believe air ionization is technology not many are even aware of. It deserves more promotion and awareness. Killing virus in the air isn't something people think is possible until they're shown the facts. The competitive advantage of having air purification is truly tremendous.

Written April 18, 2020. Copyright All rights reserved.

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