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This page provides you our background, mission, interests, plans and other details that might be beneficiary to you. We wish to keep an open-minded strategy in order to avoid potential disappointments and inconveniences.

Our mission

Our mission at is to provide free recipe cost calculator tools for everyone to use. The recipes with their cost structures may be published on the internet as well. This constructs a service that should turn out to be very useful for many. New features and enhancements may be published as they get ready for general use.

In addition, the published recipes may be converted between US / European metric system. Recipes may also be scaled to any amount.


This service is based primarily on Angular Javascript as well as well-designed Linux backend software. The intention is to provide the greatest user experience possible. We believe that a well-designed and implemented service gets its audience and users.


We have a strong security interest. First, we use only secure connections via https.

Second, we don't store any personal information about you, unless you do it by publishing your name. We have absolutely no need to send you emails for advertising our service. We don't sell any products. We use the Facebook login to identify you in certain situations. This FB login is only required if you wish to publish your data on the internet. Successful Facebook login provides an ID which we use for making sure you can access (publish, delete, edit) your data so that nobody else may access it. We don't collect your names nor email-addresses.

FB id is protected by the FB signed request. This base64 encoded and HMAC-SHA256 signed request is signed with the app secret. We decode and verify the requests when necessary.

In addition, for storing data, invisible recaptcha is used to make sure no bots get to ruin the service. Invisible recaptcha is a service hosted by Google. With the service, we can block most, if not all, malicious attempts.

Project funding

The long term goal is to gain some profit via advertising. The server rents and efforts made herein have some value. However, only time will tell how the advertising revenues will look like. We're prepared to host this service at least until the year 2024 even if no funding is in place. All in all, this service will be always free.

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