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Calculate your recipe costs

While you write down your recipe, figures out the cost for you! It's possible to bake a cake and sell it for less than its ingredients are worth. A little effort to identify the real cost is something every reseller should think about. provides the most useful online tools for revealing the real cost of your baked goods. All for free and without registrations!

Tune your baking process into a new, cost-effective level

Write down your recipe and we suggest you a cost structure automatically with a high accuracy. Find out how the end price may be reduced by altering the amount of ingredients that yield real savings. Substituting the most expensive ingredients with lower-cost alternatives is also a descent strategy. Determine the end price of your delicious goods with sufficient margins - let your business shine!

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Create and publish your recipes for everyone with ease - while we do the best to calculate the cost of the recipe for you! Try it without going through any complicated registration processes! Check it out!

Facebook login for saving your recipes

You can start working on the recipes without any registration. However, it's not possible to modify your work from a different device, or if you clear your cookies, we cannot indentify you anymore and the work is kept read-only or might get lost. Thus, we've included the Facebook login so that you can access your precious work from any device, any time, as we can then make sure that's you.

From the natural resources...

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Convert recipes to Metric system

After publishing the recipe, you can convert it to the European Metric system with just one click! Don't give your buddies overseas any chance to miscalculate your precious recipe and thus loose some deliciosity!

Convert Metric to US

Again, with just one click, convert your published recipe into the US system! That's the cups and ounces!

The scaling and conversion widget in the recipes looks similar to what's seen right below:

Scale recipe by:
Published: Fri, 31 May 2019 08:32:27

Scale your recipes

Want to multiply your recipe by 50%? Yes, you can multiply or divide the amounts arbitrarily. There's always a risk of miscalculating if done manually, especially when in a hurry. However, our software calculates always accurately!

Minimize waste and excess ingredients

If you have one pound of syryp in a package and the recipe calls for almost the whole package, why not scale the recipe to match the amount of the complete package? This way the potential waste is minimized. Likewise, it saves your storage space if partial leftover packages aren't filling up the room. With scaling, you can make your recipe match the amount according its most expensive ingredient.

Minimize the cost of baked goods

All the methods introduced here should assist in reducing the overall cost of baked goods. Proper price estimates of the ingredients, substituting high-cost ingredients with lower cost alternatives as well as minimizing the potential waste pave the way for successful and cost-effective baking. For example, by substituting vanilla extract with vanilla sugar yields to lower-cost. Perhaps the taste doesn't change as much!

Calculate the cost of cooking

Go to the cost calculator from here. Please notice that the calculator is free. In order to publish your work on the internet you need to login with Facebook first. That way you can also modify your recipe later, if needed.

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